R & D Center

The R & D Center project aims to produce technological knowledge, to increase the product quality and standard, to increase the productivity, to decrease the production costs, to produce technological knowledge in order to bring the country economy to a competitive structure at an international level through R & D and innovation.

At the same time, the project, which promotes the commercialization of technological knowledge, the development of pre-competition cooperation, investments in technology intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these fields, and accelerating the entry of foreign direct investment into the country for innovation and R & D, encourage increased employment.

In this direction Dikkan Valve won the right to become the first R & D center in the valve sector after a long and intensive R & D center preparation and successful completion of the application period. Design, manufacturing and all other processes have become scientific and developmental with the establishment of our R & D center.

Our R & D center has made it possible for us to achieve many new solutions and work in the framework of Industry 4.0 in both product technical competence and solutions to be presented to our customers.

ANSYS Casting Simulation Program

Simulations of the metal casting processes are carried out with ANSYS, the most comprehensive and technically qualified casting simulation program used worldwide. Where the valve casting process is not carried out correctly, there is a problem that will completely affect the subsequent machining, assembly, testing and use of the product on a flat surface. In our sector where the right casting is a very serious competence, all of our production processes with ANSYS have been reflected in the virtual atmosphere. All technical details, such as the temperature of the furnace, the alloy to be used and the spots of the material to be poured, can be observed via this program. The "digital twin", which is one of the 9 components of Industry 4.0, is thus passed on to the simulation part.

3D Printers

All models and prototypes can be realized with 3D printer which is in use of our R & D center. The defects in the prototype products can be discovered and corrected in a short period of time by means of 3D printers and production can be made with the right design. With this business model, which provides a significant time and human resource gain, design validation, product development and industrialization processes can be completed very quickly and efficiently compared to conventional methods.